“If the lion does not feed, does the lion not roar?”

“The pigeon of remorse dines alone.”

“In a sea of selflessness, one is hard-pressed to find shellfish.”

“Under skies quiet like broccoli, yoghurt flows from the pot of salvation.”

“We are but paperbacks, striving to be hardbacks within the bookends of life.”

“Life is like an elevator – at the end of the day, you’re going down.”

“Play with your toys while you can, for one day your toys will be playing you.”

“The Guinea Fowl screams, it does not approach.”

“Before making big decisions, always eat a Saturn Peach.”

“A grape is in actuality a pumped up raisin.”

“Like the forgotten pumpkin, we wilt.”

“Hope and faith are like the frog and the toad – they’re different, but nobody knows why.”

“Amidst the cloudy lemonade of the past, one always finds a slice of lemon.”

“In the desert of sleep, dreams are like lizards.”


“A bean may appear to be a nut, but look closer, for logic unveils that it seems like an egg.”

“We are regrettable bits of cork floating in a good Burgundy.”

“The privilege of the few is born of the plunder of the many.”

“Crumb by crumb, the pastry of the sausage roll flakes away to reveal the fickle meat within.”

“When in the ocean, beware the currant.”

“If you will ride the rich tea of life, be prepared to get dunked.”

“Be strong like the mule, but be gentle, like the mule.”


“Some people make you cry with laughter; others just make you cry.”


“The BBQ is realised in its anti-climactic summit when the cold rib finds union with the pale and wilting plate of paper.”


“A shoe will always be a shoe, even when it is a hat.”


“To be in love is to be a kitten below a suspended anvil.”


“Who is the fool – the man who wears odd socks or the man who spends twenty minutes searching for two that match?”


“When you cast your rod into the lake of compliments, save some bait for the trout of sympathy.” 


“Live the dream, drink fresh milk!”



“That we do not get dizzy on a spinning world is proof that we are home. But the man who lives on a roundabout is an unwise man, plagued by dizziness, and very far from home.”




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