About Jammatology

What is Jammatology? Nothing less than the language of jam.

Started as a way to fuse, not unlike a dollop of marmalade fuses to a piece of toast, the writing of Adam Hutchings with the images of Chris Sav. This spawned a travel brochure-cum-diary of cafes, mostly in London but stretching as far as Taiwan, and a couple of amusing exhibitions, showing our fondness for puns and the pretence of wisdom. The pattern of making jam from language soon turned to the idea of making jam from fruit, which we did to some degree of success.

As 2014 has become a reality, we have been focusing on jam which we sell online and at markets in London. We’re also writing a book called Philosofood which we will release in little books comprising of two chapters each.

For another account of Jammatology’s sprouting and practices, see Greenleaf Review’s interview with us: here, or here.

For the life of the Jammatologist, click here for Some-where to_’s write-up.

Adam Hutchings and Chris Sav


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