Jam Reunited

While I, Adam, have been in Taiwan for six months or so, Chris has been conducting numerous jam tasks on his lonesome. He’s become deft at sterilising those jars, and that’s both a literal and metaphorical truth. Jammatology appeared in a video by leg-uppers Somewhere_to, and had stalls at a couple of London markets. Seasons change, and with that so do seasonal ingredients and jams. In roads were made with Milk Bar cafe in Soho offering to stock our jam, something which is still being worked out.

In Taiwan, we exhibited our Banalograms, complete with (occasionally nonsensical) Chinese translations. I made Jammohitos and sold cards to the occasionally confused Taiwanese shoppers, who kept asking me for the real meanings behind the sayings. Well, what can I say, if you have faith in the moose of absolution perhaps you should indulge in your sins without delay; or perhaps the moose’s antlers are likely to get caught in the speeding car’s bumpers, causing a real mess and an awkward conversation with the insurance company. I guess it cuts to the heart of all theological debate… um. 

2013 was an important time for jam, whose very existence seemed under threat when a European law was perhaps going to be introduced to, deep breath, change jam as we know it. The fact that the law aimed to change the minimum content of sugar in jam, and hence make no difference whatsoever to the jam we consume, was ignored as the law became a straw jam man to point sticky fingers at the EU. We ‘published’ our first, now legendary, edition of the Daily Jam with which readers could mop up the hysteria.

Now, it appears that the markets are going to become more regular. With that comes an inkling of hope for our jam and a call for my return, which I have promptly decided to do. In 2014, both of us will be in London, selling jam wherever we can with the aim of actually opening a jam cafe. We hope to see you there!




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