GFD: From Our Café Correspondent – Age Café, Hsinchu, Taiwan.


Dear Diary,

AFTER SPENDING THE ENTIRE DAY DEALING WITH ENGLISH STUFF, it was already 10:00 at night. Adam, my working partner, and I were searching for a nice place to relax. No place was better than a café where it stayed open until 2AM. It’s called Age Café. It’s for all the ages, not senior citizens only.

When we first came in, the waiter opened the door for us and took us to a seat politely. During the first ten minutes, we were getting too excited about language exchanging that we almost forgot to order. Then we started sharing English jokes, Chinese tongue twisters and other things from Jammatology.

I know I’m not such a brilliant language learner as I cannot get the main idea immediately. Luckily, my partner is so nice that he’s willing to explain everything in deeeeeetails for me. And I’ll keep trying hard.

But there was bad news for me. I found myself having difficulty saying the sentence, “I would like wood”. Adam told me he couldn’t hear “W” sound when I said these two words. This time he was not patient enough because he didn’t teach me how to fix the problem. That made me a little bit frustrated.

Anyway, instead of having fun in a bar or night club, I prefer to hang out in a quiet place. And it was indeed a lovely good night, thanks.

by Lisa Yang


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