GFD: From Our Cafe Correspondent – Apt. Café, Taipei, Taiwan

apt zoo

Apt. Café is near Chengchi University which I graduated from. The café was opened in 2011, but I haven’t been there until last Sunday. After visiting Taipei Zoo with some colleagues of mine, I asked them to join me and have some nice afternoon tea in Apt. Café.

The weather was actually pretty bad last Sunday. It was raining heavily, and we were cold and soaking wet. But all the discomfort disappeared right after we entered the cosy little café. The decoration inside the café was simple and comfortable, and the light was dim which made us feel so relaxed. Apt. Café serves not only coffee and tea, but also delicious waffles and cupcakes. After taking an adventure at the zoo, I was starving and ordered a lot, including mashed potato gratin with smoked salmon, some cupcakes and a latte. The coffee and food were great, especially the cupcakes. Though I’m not a fan of any kinds of dessert, I miss the salty caramel macchiato cupcake from Apt. Café badly.

We spent the whole afternoon in Apt. Café that day. We had good coffee, tasty cupcakes and certainly a good time.

By Jeong Liz


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