GFD: From Our Cafe Correspondent – Martin Coffee Shop, Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan


It was a pleasure that our friend Sophie, who has been working in Philippines, came back to Taiwan. We had the best Thai food we’ve ever had for lunch and chatted about Cloudia’s new boyfriend. After the meal, we decided to have some coffee because no one wanted to end this interesting conversation.

We went to Martin Coffee Shop which was a block away from the Thai restaurant. The waitress led us to the mezzanine and handed us the menu. She seemed to know coffee well and asked every one of us for the precise desired coffee strength when taking our orders. The price was a little higher than we expected, but we found out it was worth it after the coffee was served. The waitress recommended me the Brazil Santos coffee since I was looking for something with a fruity fragrance, and it did taste great. Every cup of coffee came in beautiful Wedgwood china which made the coffee even better. A good cup of coffee, a cozy coffee shop and some good friends can make an ordinary Thursday afternoon more beautiful than ever.

by Jeong Liz


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