Batch Pad # 2


I arrived on monday to a bowl of Earl Grey housing a flock of drowned dates. This was tomorrow’s jam, I was informed. I went to check out the new pad, a converted barn of wood and white, dimmer switches and windows that open in two different ways.


That evening we made date and Earl Grey Jam. It had something of a chocolatey substance to it, and the Earl Grey reminded me of a rich tea biscuit dipped in tea.


The following day we made two jams at the same time – no mean feat – apple and lemongrass, and pear and ginger.


As we jammed we noticed the snow had once again begun to fall and with each snowflake our sense of anxiety deepened. If we get snowed in on an isolated farm then we can’t venture out for supplies. That was the big task for tomorrow.


By evening the land was caked.


Thankfully Chris had made a gourmet meal: finger of fish and salt and pepper chip a la pea.


The next morning the snow was still falling. The flakes were smaller, but there were more of them – a frozen drizzle. But we had no choice, we needed fruit. We clambered up the hill to my car, which looked like a marshmallow had taken a crap on it.



I dug through the snow to find the key. This was probably the closest thing to be inside an igloo, I thought. The engine started first time (such is the brawn of my mighty Metro), but we couldn’t pry the thing out from the snow and into the road. What we had come across was one of the chief ‘dilemmas of man’, namely A Stuck Car.


After much pushing and wheel-spinning we managed to rock the beast from it’s hole in the layby and we are away. England’s south west today is a Special’s album of white sky and snow, black road and tree.

DSC00354 DSC00355


Finally we made it to Axminster, and got the fruit – just a couple of boring tools doing what they do.


The snow had given up its onslaught on the land, for now. And with this break, we took up our spoons, raised them to the heavens and let out a mighty roar – jeeeeeeaaaaaaaam!! – before carefully beginning to slice the pears. And with those pears we made two jams – pear and ginger, and pear, chocolate and thyme.



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