GFD Beyond London: Park Life Café, Hebden Bridge – From Our Café Correspondent

Fifties waterproof mascara
flickers through espresso steam.
Behind a throbbing counter
Orders line up, clipped on paper.
Drilled into shape by a sergeant major
young by modern standards
and the woman with the smile
that just knows.

A tropical glass, berry blood dark,
Its froth meniscus dribbles down
chilled hexagonal sides
leaving a guilty crescent
on the stainless steel table.

Three tongues of bacon lollop
between oval granary lips.
And for every lettuce crunch
a mayonnaise splash hits the jeans.

I leave the cathedral of hunger
as yet another monkeys wedding party
washes through the park.

by © Winston Plowes 2012


Monkey’s wedding, n. informal(South African) a combination of sunshine and light rain. Also know in some parts as a sun shower.


Winston H.Plowes writes his words with two cats on a narrowboat on England’s inland waterways. His compositions have been widely published, hopefully making people pause and ponder the magical details of life.


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