GFD: Kahaila, Shoreditch – From Our Café Correspondent

It’s another normal rainy day in summer, London. Tammy and I met up at Spitalfields market for Dr Martens but ended up with two pairs of shoes from Office. One axiom in life is: do not get what you want or you’d have no excuse for another date. On our way to Brick Lane Street Coffee we came across Kahaila, and decided to try this one instead. The flat white here is more bitter than at Brick Lane Coffee (which I might safely say  offers the best flat white in East London). Different from the bohemian style of Brick Lane Coffee, Kahaila looks like a gallery space with brick walls, spotlights, wooden tables and chairs, and a lovely skylight.

Every table is occupied by a couple of Apple owners. Tammy seems to be the only one using non-Apple laptop. She has a Toshiba one, but she looks like a Japanese girl anyway. I often imagine that if, for some mysterious reason, all the Apple products around the world exploded at the same time, there would be no one left in Europe and North America. Cities like New York and London would be evacuated. I often imagine this scene, and think it might not be a bad idea to emigrate some people, including myself, to iHeaven or iHell since certain areas on Earth are overpopulated.

On weekdays, however, Kahaila is not a very crowed place. The light is tender, the music is soft (soft as Bon Iver), and the workers here won’t unexpectedly burst into laughter. Having seen six people getting into the toilet and fumbling for the light, I remind myself by writing this down: the light is outside the toilet, left-hand side, for I may well come back some time.

By Summer Fu


One thought on “GFD: Kahaila, Shoreditch – From Our Café Correspondent

  1. Lauren

    Hey, Lauren here. I work in Kahaila. Thanks so much for the review and the visit. Come back and see us some time, and give us another chance on the flat whites. We’re brand new and working on our coffee skills.


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