GFD: Browns of Brockley, Brockley


Some say that Browns do the best coffee in London. Dave and I set off at the crack of noon to check this out. It’s busier in here than usual. We sit by the window, parallel to the elongated table central to the room where the majority sit. To serve us, the girl has to leave the café, walk down the road about six paces, and come back in the next door. This route avoids the small crowd of customers filling up the space. I feel a pang of guilt as I ask her for milk, sending her back out for another journey. Thankfully, she’s very nice, and it’s not raining.

I have an Americano; Dave an espresso. Not cheap, £2 for mine. But indeed, it’s a good’un. I already sense that I’ll be buzzing all day. Best in London? Thus far, on this trip, I concur. We’re across from Brockley Station, and Browns has a monitor with the Live Departures. Nice touch, Browns, I’m liking that. Although I have no train to get today, one day, perhaps I’ll find that damn useful. Once, I recall, I had a sandwich here which was quite fancy and quite nice.

Brains buzzing with coffee bean-induced enthusiasm, Dave and I get down to sorting out the world and all it’s problems. Starting with the Tories . . .

by Adam


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