Thorncombe Preserve – Batch 4

-A turn around the garden, followed by a shot of coffee.
-Drove to Lyme Regis to the soundtrack of 90’s classics and screaming women with uncontrollable dogs.
-Lyme Regis, attempting to instigate Captain Wentworth actualisation while eating a full English (with black pudding).
-A turn through Jane Austen gardens, Wentworth actualisation imminent.
-Viewing the Cobbs while standing on pebbled beach, Wentworth actualisation complete (or so one has the pride to delude one’s self).
The curious behaviour of the Guinea Fowl.
-Researching the origins of yeast and the desire to eat others.
-Pondering the life lessons that arise from wearing odd socks.
-Wine, sense and salad picking.
-Dinner: mutton stew with sorrel and sensibility.
-Mars bar fondue with sordid bananas submerged in a chocolate sea.


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